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Protect your customer experience, workforce, systems, and data at every point of interactions.

APIs are often hidden within apps. Do you think this makes APIs immune to manipulation?

APIs are vulnerable from outside attacks:


Of web-enabled applications have more attack surface area in the form of exposed APIs.

Gartner, API Security: What You Need to Do to Protect Your APIs in SOTI, API: The Attack Surface that Connected Us All


Million attacks happened on a single day in June 2021.

API: The Attack Surface that Connected Us All


Web application attack attempts has grown in H1 2022​

Akamai Web Application and API Threats Report H1 2022

From this moment, Make No Assumptions,Take Precautions!

Protect You Everywhere Your Business Meets the World

It’s time to outsmart the most sophisticated threats.
Get what you need to secure your data, applications infrastructure, and people at every point of interaction.

Trusted Detection

Evolve with the threat detection landscape to protect you from established and emerging threats.

Single Solution for Broad Protection

Maximize your security invesment with broad protection from app and API protection, DDoS Mitigtion to API acceleration.

Hands-off Security

Leveraging Adaptive Security Engine to eliminate manual maintenance with automatic updates and proactive self-tuning.

Ease of Use

Simplified UI design to improve your security operations.

Unified Visibility

Single dashboard with deep insight for traffic patterns and analyzing attacks.

Learn how Akamai can protect your customers from large, common, or emerging threats.

Abuse and Fraud Protection

Your brand reputation is at risk!
Stop brand impersonation before they start and win your customer trust by protecting their access and account.

Brand Protector

Detects and mitigates targeted attacks including customer phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy with a simple and efficient approach: Intelligence, Detection, Visibility, and Mitigation.

Account Protector

Grow your business confidently by protecting your customers account without any friction to your customer experience.

Audience Hijacking

Prevent your customer to access any fraud ads to secure your profitability and reputation.

Learn more on how Akamai can help secure your brand reputation

Protect Against DDoS

Do you believe that DDoS attacks can be stopped in Zero Second?
Akamai has mitigated DDoS Attack in Asia-Pacific in -literally- zero second!

Akamai Prolexic

Cloud-delivered mitigation across all ports and protocols to stop DDoS attacks before making critical impacts for your data center and hybrid infrastructure.

Prolexic IP Protect

Protect your IP or web-based services against large, complex DDoS attacks and reduce downtime and any business risks.

Edge DNS

Ensure your web application and APIs are always available to confidently provide a seamless connection to your customers.

Learn more how you can tackle DDoS in zero second with Akamai

Can DDoS attacks really be stopped in zero second? Here’s how we make it come true!

Read our latest DNS Traffic Threat Reports here!

Akamai has been named as Customer Choice in 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer for Cloud Web Application and API Protection (WAAP)

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Bring your security posture to the next level with Zero Trust Architecture

Learn how Akamai’s solutions could protect your business on every point of interaction