Adapting Security to the Modern Threat Landscape

Modernize your security architecture to meet every business requirement.

Let’s imagine your business data as luxury things which you keep in different rooms, inside several locked boxes. Without the key, no one can access your treasure. That’s how Zero-Trust Security works on your business.

Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) has grown into businesses with customer service, employee training and more, making your business data being more vulnerable than before.


Of ransomware victims are critical infrastructure


Is the highest on the list of Conti victims, highlighting the risk of supply chain disruptions.


Of Conti victims are businesses with US$10 million to US$250 million revenue

How Zero Trust Improve Your Security Posture Against Ransomware?

Zero Trust is designed to modernize security architecture in response to new technologies and modern threats.

Granular Policy

Enforce least privilege access to allow a user to access only specific resources per given session.

Contextual Risk-based Control

Controlling access dynamically for every identity, device type, location, etc.

Microsegmentation Protection

Working at a specific workload level to block threats that rely on lateral movement such as ransomware.

Attack Surface Reduction

Segmenting application from each other to reduce attack surfaces.

Timely Response

Quickly block threats before spreading to save the cost of losing data.

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Guardicore Segmentation

Stop the most evasive threats and risks through Guardicore’s managed threat hunting services.

Enterprise Application Access

Cloud-delivery service to secure your access to data and business applications with Zero-Trust Network.

Secure Internet Access

Give your workforce a calm day without worries on false positive or false negative detection.

Akamai MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Prevent illegitimate people from accessing your data and applications.

Discover how microsegmentation as the key Zero Trust technique elevates your security strategy

Akamai Guardicore Segmentation has named as a Leader in Forrester New Wave for Microsegmentation, Q1 2022

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